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I have been just TOO busy for a while!  I'm catching up today - with a cold on it's way speed is going down...
Outside sun is shining bright - conditions are not the best for photo-shooting neither indoors nor outdoors.
My Ego Pullover was shot a couple of weeks ago.  One of my Ravelry-friends sent me a nice PM to complement on my GREY pullover, which in fact is a true black!  For you to judge:
The pullover is so cosy to wear this spring!  Sunbeams are there - but they don't give any warmth yet......
A few days later we had a fantastic day at the beach with a photo-team organized by Cecilia, the owner of
Ilóyarn.  We are waiting for the photos taken of Cissi's shawlette, in the meantime these shots will have to do:
My latest design is made of wool from Filatura di Crosa, which I purchased in a very nice yarnstore in Athens.  I was a little carried away - both by the low prices and the beautiful electric blue - and I didn't check the yarn label too closely.  Normally I only work with natural fibres - and this alpaca/wool blend even has 25% nylon mixed in.  Not too happy about that - but you could easily substitute it for a pure fibre:
You find all my patterns in my Ravelry store.  My Feuilles Bleues has been inspired from my beloved beautiful blue and white breakfast china.


its amazing, as always!
I like that your designs are so colourful! And it seems like you look good in every colour that exists;)

hugs from your little fan!

Svar: Thank you so much for your lovely message! Hugs back from your big fan:)))
Anne B Hanssen

2013-03-23 @ 10:22:27

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