Autumn news

When I start dreaming about making a new blanket for the sofa I know that autumn is just around the corner!  Since a couple of weeks I haven't even been thinking about making anything in cotton or linen; my head is full of cosy, warming and hugging garments and accesoires.
At the moment I have started working some booties for women in the number 1 wool at Ravelry: Cascade 200!  I understand in many ways the immense popularity - the value for money is great and so is the wool.  Never a disturbing knot anywhere (my experience) and a smooth, dryish wool with just the right apperance to make great outdoor pieces.
The booties are a future thing; here is the news of today:
MarieMarie Cross-over cardi, knitted in the gorgeously soft alpaca wool from Ilóyarn.  The color is so vibrant - reminding of the first yellow-colored leaves of the birches.  Autumn gives lots of new inspiration; nature shows off the most beautiful colorcombinations before winter can arrive.
Until the 31st of October the Kalamata Knee Highs can be found in my Ravelry store as a free download.  I'm working out 3 more sizes which will be available in the beginning of November.  So until then; please take the opportunity to download a free, easy and charming pattern:)

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