A fresh start

The past autumn has not allowed me to come up with so much knitting as I would have wanted to.
A bit unwillingly I have turned into a workaholic - and even if I HAVE been knitting some every day - my work has consumed so much time - and it has been hard to find enough room to make new patterns.
Even an occasional visit to my Lys has proofed difficult.
One day I dug into my stash; up came the soft and gorgeous KidSilk Haze from Rowan.  I had an idea in mind - and suddenly the needles were going fast again!
It's funny to see how much extra time there is in a day if you REALLY want to make something:))
The KidSilk Haze lends itselft beautifully to sheer garments - with lots of feminine details.
My Private Collection contains loads of that: a scalloped lace-border, a flower lace-pattern, extra room around the hips created by the soft A-shape.....
As lovely to wear as to knit!
Only trouble: A scene from my private life:
Coming home after dinner out with friends I found my knitting tossed about on the couch.  A very guilty dachshound besides.  First I didn't notice anything - and I thought my dog had used my knitting as a soft place to lye about.  That would have been heaven!  Later I discovered that my little rascal had chewed a large hole in the lace-border of the back!!!!
Mending on the agenda.....


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