Hoya Bella

I didn't have to look far to find inspiration for this pattern.  The autumn forest is full of beautiful leaves, in all shapes and colors possible.  I think autumn is the season of the year when leaves are most remarkable - not only for the fabulous coloring - more for the fact that they are EVERYWHERE!  Still in the trees, on the ground, in the air, on the car/the shoes/the dog.....  In a month or two they will all be covered by snow - isn't it just fascinating?
I used the leaves-pattern to work matching gloves and a cowl - beautiful accesoires to match your autumn-outfit.
The Hoya Bella fingerless gloves are so elegant!
 I loved working these gloves!  They fall into the category REWARDING KNITTING.  In a few words they are:
a really FAST KNIT, true EYE-CATCHERS, something to be REALLY PROUD of having made!
The Hoya Bella cowl is both Beautiful and versatile.  It makes a gorgeous set together with the fingerless gloves - but could ofcourse be worn all by itself.  The leave-pattern is that kind of pattern that look intricate.  In fact it is a very rewarding and easy-to-memorize pattern.  You could work it in the same wool as the gloves to make an elegant cowl - or choose thicker wool to change the expression of the cowl. 
The cowl as well as the gloves are made in-the-round, with no wrong-side rounds.
You will find the patterns for the Hoya Bella gloves and cowl in my Ravelry Store.  I give the pattern for free for a limited time; maybe until the first heavy snowfall here in southern Sweden, or until I have a new free pattern to present.  Please enjoy!

Am I a lazy blogger?

The answer to this question is probably a big YES!  If I blogged more I would knit less - so this is more or less the way it's going to be!  I knit every day, but I do not even think about blogging every day..... 
Today two great things happened at the same time: the grey morning sky split up and opened up for the most glorious autumn sun exactly at the same instant that my very busy daughter had time to spend on her mother!  We went off to a favourite place nearby to take some shots of my new design; the Paniculatasweater:
The Beautiful, gorgeously soft Alpaca DK from Artesana Yarns lends itself excellently to rich Cables!
And since I am a lazy blogger I have to add a photo of The Pineforest Booties made ages ago:


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