Again and again

Spring is here!
Every year nature is waking up after a long winter.  This winter has been mild - still the nature has been sleeping, every little bud of the branches have been brown, grey, hard as a shell.  Since a week all those little buds have opened up to show off a greenish miracle.  Some buds are flower buds; early flowers of the fruit three.  White flowers, pink flowers.  It takes my breath away.  Every year.  Again and again..
I like the back of the new cardi:
And I loved knitting this feminine and simple cardigan!  Despite the abundance of the lace and the elaborate look it was a fast and easy-going knit!  The lace is made up using 3 abbreviations only: k, yo and sl2(as if to k2tog)k1psso,  Simple as that! 
I would love to see several Al Dente cardigans at Ravelry:))

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