Blooom - errata

This errata concerns the freebies only.  The pattern has been tested and the corrections below are based upon the result of the test-knit:

Errata Bloom:

Modifications, sleeves: cast on a multiple of 12 sts (the pattern-repeat), plus 1 st.

Lower body, page 5:                                                                                                                                               Row 2 (WS).  Sl1, sm, ….the sm should be neglected                                                                                    Rows 5 and 6 should read: Row 5 – (RS): work as row 1 Row 6 – (WS): work as row 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Row 7 – (RS) – continue in stockinette sts for main body, mark out the sides with markers:   sl1, p1, k2tog, yo, p1, sm, k50/53/56/59/62/65, pm (placed in the right side of the cardigan), k114/120/126/132/138/144 (for back), pm (placed in the left side of the cardigan), k50/53/56/59/62/65, sm, p1, k2tog, yo, p1, k1                Row 9 – (RS): sl1, p1, yo, ssk, p1, sm,……… work to last 5 sts, p1, yo, ssk, p1, sl1

At the bottom of page 5, ending the decreases. You should have (212/224/236/248/260/272 sts left)

Page 6: Pockets: when work measures 7.5cm/2” sts are left on hold for pocket-edgings.  New sts are cast on (please note that you do not need to break the wool, you could also cast on the sts directly after the live sts):  From RS work as established for 5 sts, sm, k10/12/14/16/18/20, break wool and (place the following 29 sts on a separate holder.  Using a new strand of wool cast on 29 sts on your right hand needle, continue work as established) until the left side-marker, sm, work until 44/46/48/50/52/54 sts left, repeat (-), work to end of row.  

Page 6, concerning sizes 5 and 6 only: you have 130/136 sts left for back.

Page 7, concerning sizes 5 and 6 only: First you have 110/116 sts left for back (instead of 108/114).  Next you have 86/92 sts left for back.

Page 7: continue work row 2 and 3 for 10 decreases: you have 45/48/51/54/56/59 sts left over each front Page 7, last sentence: You have 33/36/39/42/44/47 over each front

Bottom of page 7: after 6 rows you have 16 sts decreased.

Page 8: sizes 3 and 4: you have 37/40 sts over fronts.                                                                                           Page 8: sizes 5 and 6: You have 40/43 sts over fronts

Page 8.  Neck decreases.  Continue work raglan-decreases over back, fronts and sleeves as previously.

 Lace collar:

Charts and written instructions for the lace are found in page 10.                                                                     With RS facing and using the right tip of your circular needle pick up 37/34/39/36/40/44 sts along the neckline-shaping of the right front, k the 58/64/66/72/76/82 sts on the needle, pick up 38/35/40/37/41/43 sts along the neckline-shaping of the left front.  You have 133/133/145/145/157/169 sts on the needle.                                 The following row is the right side of the collar: (WS rows are worked: sl1, p to last st)                                you work the lace-pattern following chart and/or written instructions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Work one repeat of sts 1 – 6 followed by 10/10/11/11/12/13 pattern-repeats (sts 7 – 18), followed by one repeat of sts 19-25.  Work the full report of 4 rows, work 5 reports in all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The last WS row you work in k sts instead of p sts.  Bind off in k sts from RS.  Break wool.


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