Climbing up the tree

Wind everywhere!  A shawl to keep still!!  Wanted photos at the beach, but had to give in and ended up a tree instead:)  Here's my Guernsey in Pink:
Getting there...
Finally there!
This one from the beach was the best we managed....
An ultimate choice for cheering up a basic wardrobe!  Light and not too big - could easily be tucked under a coat - or put in the handbag if the weather becomes too hot:)
I found knitting this shawl was relaxed and rewarding in the same time.
First you knit the lace-border which is urned into a long strip of fabric with loops along one side.  Pick  up stiches in the loop and continue the body of the shawl consisting of basic Guernsy-patterning separated by Eyelets.  Fun and fast to knit!  You could easily adapt to Another size if you prefer it bigger or smaller.  For more information see my Ravelry store.
Knowing that spring weather in Scandinavia can be quite tricky I worked my shawl using a fingering alpaca.  Depending on your needs you could work it in silk, cashmere, merino....  there are endless possibilities! 


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