Hoya Bella

I didn't have to look far to find inspiration for this pattern.  The autumn forest is full of beautiful leaves, in all shapes and colors possible.  I think autumn is the season of the year when leaves are most remarkable - not only for the fabulous coloring - more for the fact that they are EVERYWHERE!  Still in the trees, on the ground, in the air, on the car/the shoes/the dog.....  In a month or two they will all be covered by snow - isn't it just fascinating?
I used the leaves-pattern to work matching gloves and a cowl - beautiful accesoires to match your autumn-outfit.
The Hoya Bella fingerless gloves are so elegant!
 I loved working these gloves!  They fall into the category REWARDING KNITTING.  In a few words they are:
a really FAST KNIT, true EYE-CATCHERS, something to be REALLY PROUD of having made!
The Hoya Bella cowl is both Beautiful and versatile.  It makes a gorgeous set together with the fingerless gloves - but could ofcourse be worn all by itself.  The leave-pattern is that kind of pattern that look intricate.  In fact it is a very rewarding and easy-to-memorize pattern.  You could work it in the same wool as the gloves to make an elegant cowl - or choose thicker wool to change the expression of the cowl. 
The cowl as well as the gloves are made in-the-round, with no wrong-side rounds.
You will find the patterns for the Hoya Bella gloves and cowl in my Ravelry Store.  I give the pattern for free for a limited time; maybe until the first heavy snowfall here in southern Sweden, or until I have a new free pattern to present.  Please enjoy!


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