Enamorada - In love

I must have been truly in love with my new cardigan to take photos under todays conditions!
Maybe you think I look warm and wrapped up in the lovely pictures taken by my sweet daughter?  I promise you, it would have taken at least 5 cardigans to feel the least warm!  The ice had started to break a few Days ago - and with the wind from east sweeping over the cold, frosty surface - the chill went straight to the bones.
We had big problems keeping the collar down - the wind blew it straigt into my face.  My hairdo wasn't that important - as it never is:)  I have never been so happy to end the shooting as today!
And afterwards I was rewarded by tea and curling up in my new cardi!
I would call my Enamorada cardigan both Classic and Classy.  It has all the attributes of a Classic cardigan that could be worn for ages; long, slimming sleeves, buttoned all the way, gorgeous collar, Classic Cables and patterns.  The length of the cardigan and  the composition of the cables add a classy touch. 
It is a simple cardigan to knit - and the cables make it so rewarding to work!  The body is worked bottom up and flat to armpits, sleeves are worked in the round to armpits - pieces are assembled for the raglan-shaping.  The button-bands and collar is integrating in the knitting.  No need to pick up stiches!  And no seaming!
Finsihing work is very limited; working the armpits together either by a short seem or knitted together.
I didn't even block my cardigan - I found it just perfect as it was!
Ready to wear in short time! 


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