Blooom - errata

This errata concerns the freebies only.  The pattern has been tested and the corrections below are based upon the result of the test-knit:

Errata Bloom:

Modifications, sleeves: cast on a multiple of 12 sts (the pattern-repeat), plus 1 st.

Lower body, page 5:                                                                                                                                               Row 2 (WS).  Sl1, sm, ….the sm should be neglected                                                                                    Rows 5 and 6 should read: Row 5 – (RS): work as row 1 Row 6 – (WS): work as row 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Row 7 – (RS) – continue in stockinette sts for main body, mark out the sides with markers:   sl1, p1, k2tog, yo, p1, sm, k50/53/56/59/62/65, pm (placed in the right side of the cardigan), k114/120/126/132/138/144 (for back), pm (placed in the left side of the cardigan), k50/53/56/59/62/65, sm, p1, k2tog, yo, p1, k1                Row 9 – (RS): sl1, p1, yo, ssk, p1, sm,……… work to last 5 sts, p1, yo, ssk, p1, sl1

At the bottom of page 5, ending the decreases. You should have (212/224/236/248/260/272 sts left)

Page 6: Pockets: when work measures 7.5cm/2” sts are left on hold for pocket-edgings.  New sts are cast on (please note that you do not need to break the wool, you could also cast on the sts directly after the live sts):  From RS work as established for 5 sts, sm, k10/12/14/16/18/20, break wool and (place the following 29 sts on a separate holder.  Using a new strand of wool cast on 29 sts on your right hand needle, continue work as established) until the left side-marker, sm, work until 44/46/48/50/52/54 sts left, repeat (-), work to end of row.  

Page 6, concerning sizes 5 and 6 only: you have 130/136 sts left for back.

Page 7, concerning sizes 5 and 6 only: First you have 110/116 sts left for back (instead of 108/114).  Next you have 86/92 sts left for back.

Page 7: continue work row 2 and 3 for 10 decreases: you have 45/48/51/54/56/59 sts left over each front Page 7, last sentence: You have 33/36/39/42/44/47 over each front

Bottom of page 7: after 6 rows you have 16 sts decreased.

Page 8: sizes 3 and 4: you have 37/40 sts over fronts.                                                                                           Page 8: sizes 5 and 6: You have 40/43 sts over fronts

Page 8.  Neck decreases.  Continue work raglan-decreases over back, fronts and sleeves as previously.

 Lace collar:

Charts and written instructions for the lace are found in page 10.                                                                     With RS facing and using the right tip of your circular needle pick up 37/34/39/36/40/44 sts along the neckline-shaping of the right front, k the 58/64/66/72/76/82 sts on the needle, pick up 38/35/40/37/41/43 sts along the neckline-shaping of the left front.  You have 133/133/145/145/157/169 sts on the needle.                                 The following row is the right side of the collar: (WS rows are worked: sl1, p to last st)                                you work the lace-pattern following chart and/or written instructions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Work one repeat of sts 1 – 6 followed by 10/10/11/11/12/13 pattern-repeats (sts 7 – 18), followed by one repeat of sts 19-25.  Work the full report of 4 rows, work 5 reports in all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The last WS row you work in k sts instead of p sts.  Bind off in k sts from RS.  Break wool.

Early start to autumn

Knitting a blanket during the hottest month of summer may seem like a stupid idea:))  And as you probably know, alpaca is faaaar warmer than merino wool.  Working my Castle and Cottage Blanket was VERY warm indeed - but knowing that autumn and winter will come no matter how hot it is right now.....
I found a way to keep the blanket almost out of my lap - which was a great help!

After a couple of hot weeks I was greatly rewarded!  I could dismiss my old and very worn blanket from the couch to the car - and replace it with a perfect patch-work masterpiece:)))
Now I just have to stop myself from making one more blanket in an other color.......
Autumn is around the corner, and I have lots of new designs on the go!

Flirt - A summer top

This is the first time ever that I have worked with a pure linen.
I was a Little sceptical to start with, thinking that this would be so painful for my hands and fingers.
After half a skein I found myself planning new garments and a shawl working this beautiful material!
The linen, "Kalinka" comes from the Swedish brand, Karin Öberg.  Take a look at the color-card!  Divine:))
This tunic has an unusual (and very flattering) Construction:
Back and front are worked side-ways, which means that the lace sections are integrated in the knitting.  There are short-rows along the way to shape the curved A-line.  Shoulders are seamed, and sleeves are worked in the round or flat (instructions are given for both ways, just pick your favorite method).  Very little finishing work: only a couple of straight seams.
Today we have the first day when I can feel that the summer might be around the corner.  It has been SO Cold for such a long time: mittens and stockings have been worn:(.  Now I hope to be wearing my new favorite as much as possible:)

Again and again

Spring is here!
Every year nature is waking up after a long winter.  This winter has been mild - still the nature has been sleeping, every little bud of the branches have been brown, grey, hard as a shell.  Since a week all those little buds have opened up to show off a greenish miracle.  Some buds are flower buds; early flowers of the fruit three.  White flowers, pink flowers.  It takes my breath away.  Every year.  Again and again..
I like the back of the new cardi:
And I loved knitting this feminine and simple cardigan!  Despite the abundance of the lace and the elaborate look it was a fast and easy-going knit!  The lace is made up using 3 abbreviations only: k, yo and sl2(as if to k2tog)k1psso,  Simple as that! 
I would love to see several Al Dente cardigans at Ravelry:))

Tilias Kofta

Happy Valentine to all of you!
Presenting Tilias Kofta as a free pattern on Valentines Day is my way to say THANK YOU to all of you who make each day at Ravelry lots of fun!  I have met so many great people thrrough Ravelry; people who send sweet messages, show appreciation, give hearts and nice comments.  I just LOVE it!  And had to send a little love back!
The pattern is a free pattern - with one version in English, one in Swedish.
I have had the great opportunity to work with a group of test-knitters!  They all put their time and effort in making the pattern even better.  A huge THANK you my testers:)
I'm only sorry that Tilia herself didn't agree to model for us:)
She is a sweet little girl - and most determined!!!  The cardigan  was a bit big for her, with some luck we will be able to take pictures of Tilia wearing the cardigan named after her:)

Más o Menos - More or Less

I visited Copenhagen with one of my sisters at Christmas-time.  Our steps automatically leads to a wonderful yarn store named "Sommerfuglen" (the butterfly).  It's a tiny store with an amazing range of wool - and I promise you, it is VERY difficult to visit Copenhagen without going there!
At this particular visit I bought some beautiful Ice blue Silk Mohair from Isager Strik.  With no particular idea of what it would turn into.  After some pullover sketching I switched completely over to an idea of a lace-shawl.  And off I went, playing around with 3 different patterns built up around the same amount of stitches.  And half-way through I realized that the patterns would be even more visible if working it using contrasting colors.
One Beautiful shawl made me the work of making a second one; I just HAD to see how it turned out:
You can see how different it looks from the ice blue version:
One is subtle, feminine, graceful - the other bold, vivid, colorful.
Más o menos could be worked to match your personal taste!  Fun to work, great to wear:)

A fresh start

The past autumn has not allowed me to come up with so much knitting as I would have wanted to.
A bit unwillingly I have turned into a workaholic - and even if I HAVE been knitting some every day - my work has consumed so much time - and it has been hard to find enough room to make new patterns.
Even an occasional visit to my Lys has proofed difficult.
One day I dug into my stash; up came the soft and gorgeous KidSilk Haze from Rowan.  I had an idea in mind - and suddenly the needles were going fast again!
It's funny to see how much extra time there is in a day if you REALLY want to make something:))
The KidSilk Haze lends itselft beautifully to sheer garments - with lots of feminine details.
My Private Collection contains loads of that: a scalloped lace-border, a flower lace-pattern, extra room around the hips created by the soft A-shape.....
As lovely to wear as to knit!
Only trouble: A scene from my private life:
Coming home after dinner out with friends I found my knitting tossed about on the couch.  A very guilty dachshound besides.  First I didn't notice anything - and I thought my dog had used my knitting as a soft place to lye about.  That would have been heaven!  Later I discovered that my little rascal had chewed a large hole in the lace-border of the back!!!!
Mending on the agenda.....

Growing Fast

If you have been following my designs from time to time you might have noticed that I rarely knit using bigger needles!  And then, suddenly, I have 2 designs in the row using larger needles:
The "Herbal Garden" pullover/tunic was made using needles 5mm/US8 - as I was tempted to try the gorgeously soft "Onion" from Onion Knits.  Who could resist a blend of 30% Camel/70% Merino - coming in neutrals as well as soft colors? 
It was rather encouraging working at a speed - despite the width of the tunic it grew much faster than expected!
Inspired by this fast knit I eexplored some other heavier weights of wool: 
"Coocon" from Rowan - as well as "Natur Uld" from Hjertegarn.  Both qualities are knitted to a gauge of 14 sts to 10cm/4".  Incredibly fast if you ask me - being used to 24 sts.....
These two heavy-weights were transformed into cozy cushions: the "Happy Floral Cushions":
Now we only have to decide WHERE to place them - as they really go with anything, and makes any room a bit happier:)

First test-knit!

Some of my friends at Ravelry finally convinced me to put up a test-knit!
I see all the conveniences - of course!  It's great to have a patterned scrutinized and tested in several sizes before "going live".
Somehow I still have needed LOTS of time before entering this new adventure.  Most of all due to my impatience - I suppose.  I have felt: when a pattern is ready - pictures taken -  (and me being on to new projects) - I haven't had the time to WAIT!  My daughter is laughing at me:)
Here's the cardigan that finally was chosen for a perfect test!  The pattern comes in 9 sizes - and I have 5 experienced knitters from all-over to test it for me!
Deadline is set to the 10th of October.  The test could be found here:                             

Suirrel Tree

One of the greatest pleasures about summer is knitting outdoors!
I love having a breeze in my hair, smelling the flowers, hearing the birds while the needles work at more or less high speed. This summer in particular it has been a joy knitting outdoors - in the SHADOW!  In half a lifetime (or a little bit more to be precise:)) I have seen few summers like this in Scandinavia.  For weeks on end we have had the sunniest, warmest weather possible - and it has been a necessity to find shade.  Happily I found the perfect place under a large pine-tree - and I was not the only one to find the place to be perfect.  During my knitting-hours I had the pleasure of sharing some time with a squirrel in the top of the pine.  He was so busy - chewing out kernels and seeds from the pine-cones - making a stock for the coming winter.  From time to time he sent me a glance - I wonder what he was thinking!
I would have loved staying on!  But my top was a fast knit - and I had to move on!
Photos are taken in Malmö later this summer.  Still a little bit hot for wearing my new top - but I look so much forward to wearing this relaxed, comfortable sweater!
Great things about my new design # seamless
                                                       # could be worked top-down OR bottom-up
                                                      # length of sleeves could be adjusted to your liking
                                                     # long lines to give a maximum of flattering lines
                                                    # a Classic, relaxed, comfortable piece that can be worn for ages
                                                   # a fast result
                                                  # no special skills needed
Wishing you all a great last part of summer!


As I was knitting my new summertop "Lovestory" I kept thinking about how much I love to be walk by the ocean; how I never get tired of all those walks, from dawn to dark...  how the ocean nourishes my soul and keep me calm.
It never stops to intrigue me; watching all its shades from soft, pale grey to Deep, Deep blue...  and all the shades of grey, green and blue inbetween...
I picked a dark blue cotton from Sirdar to work my summer top. 
With its lace-border at the bottom of the body and lace-detailing just below the scoop-neck at front and at center back it was great fun to work!  And all the lace-work was really worth working for!

Climbing up the tree

Wind everywhere!  A shawl to keep still!!  Wanted photos at the beach, but had to give in and ended up a tree instead:)  Here's my Guernsey in Pink:
Getting there...
Finally there!
This one from the beach was the best we managed....
An ultimate choice for cheering up a basic wardrobe!  Light and not too big - could easily be tucked under a coat - or put in the handbag if the weather becomes too hot:)
I found knitting this shawl was relaxed and rewarding in the same time.
First you knit the lace-border which is urned into a long strip of fabric with loops along one side.  Pick  up stiches in the loop and continue the body of the shawl consisting of basic Guernsy-patterning separated by Eyelets.  Fun and fast to knit!  You could easily adapt to Another size if you prefer it bigger or smaller.  For more information see my Ravelry store.
Knowing that spring weather in Scandinavia can be quite tricky I worked my shawl using a fingering alpaca.  Depending on your needs you could work it in silk, cashmere, merino....  there are endless possibilities! 


Bisoux - kisses! 
I find this design a tiny bit french.  In the meaning of elegancy.  When I pull the Bisoux-sweater over my head I feel a little more sophisticated and elegant than in real life.  You can detect from my pictures my TRUE Lifestyle: boots for rain and sandy beaches, long walks...  Lucky for you I do not put up any photos of my outworn jacket that I have been wearing all winter for beach-walks!
When I was living in France during the 90ties I was a more elegant version of myself!  It came quite naturally; most french women are elegant, and the clothes in the shops were made to match.  Coming back to Scandinavia again I found I couldn't use my wardrobe of dresses and tailored suits, and pretty quick I was back to normal: wearing jeans and sweaters.  Still I dream of those clothes.....
With my Bisoux-pullover I can match the two worlds; my desire of french elegancy and my beloved rain-boots!
The Bisoux top is made of a gorgeous silk/merino blend from BC GARN: Silkbloom Fino.  Great drape and beautiful colors!  I don't like messing up such a nice wool with too much details.  Bisoux is kept simple, but with it's patterned front it gets a Little more interesting than a simple boyfriend pullover.   It is a simple knit as well, made in the round and bottom-up with only k and p stiches to get hold on.  Sleeves are made top-down which is very convenient for deciding the right length.                                                                                                                                                                                      

White arms after months of winter

My daughter was having a good laugh at me today - showing off my white skin for the first time in months.  Somehow they look even whiter in that strong and "cruel" first sunrays of spring.  Never mind; the weather has gone from cold, grey and damp to promising sun and even a bit of warmth in just a few days.  And my Escala top has been finished for some while already.  I didn't want to wait any longer to present it!
Escala is knitted TOP-DOWN and SEAMLESSLY - with no finishing work at all!  The lovely lace-pattern in the back is repetetive and easy to memorize after a couple of repeats.  It contains one uncommon stich, which I call k3togm2 - easy to learn and nothing to fear.
I will be wearing this A LOT!  Maybe with long sleeves to start with.....

Enamorada - In love

I must have been truly in love with my new cardigan to take photos under todays conditions!
Maybe you think I look warm and wrapped up in the lovely pictures taken by my sweet daughter?  I promise you, it would have taken at least 5 cardigans to feel the least warm!  The ice had started to break a few Days ago - and with the wind from east sweeping over the cold, frosty surface - the chill went straight to the bones.
We had big problems keeping the collar down - the wind blew it straigt into my face.  My hairdo wasn't that important - as it never is:)  I have never been so happy to end the shooting as today!
And afterwards I was rewarded by tea and curling up in my new cardi!
I would call my Enamorada cardigan both Classic and Classy.  It has all the attributes of a Classic cardigan that could be worn for ages; long, slimming sleeves, buttoned all the way, gorgeous collar, Classic Cables and patterns.  The length of the cardigan and  the composition of the cables add a classy touch. 
It is a simple cardigan to knit - and the cables make it so rewarding to work!  The body is worked bottom up and flat to armpits, sleeves are worked in the round to armpits - pieces are assembled for the raglan-shaping.  The button-bands and collar is integrating in the knitting.  No need to pick up stiches!  And no seaming!
Finsihing work is very limited; working the armpits together either by a short seem or knitted together.
I didn't even block my cardigan - I found it just perfect as it was!
Ready to wear in short time! 


Rosa Mundi is one of my favorite roses; a very old Gallica rose in vibrant colors - always achieving lots of attention due to the variegated crimson coloring.  Each flower is unique - just like us:)  Still I Think that we have lots of things in common; one of them being the desire to glow a bit during all those grey winter-months!  Not always easy when you want to combine a feminine and romantic touch with something soft and warm.
My Rosamundi ensemble could be the answer!
The Rosamundi 2-piece set consist of a lovely, soft camisole featuring a soft waistline and a deep scoopneck.
Flattering and feminine!
The lace-top has just enough see-through to be a tiny bit seductive, without revealing too much.
Wear it over the matching camisole, a nice top, a dress....
The Kid Silk from Austermann is feather-light and soft to next to the skin.
I enjoyed so much working this set!  It fitted my knitting-personality very well: I could work on the tank in front of the television or travelling, wheras the lace-pullover needed more concentration.
And now when the pieces are finished I look forward to going out one evening showing them off:)

A Fresh Start!

First of all: a Happy Year to all of you!  A happy and healthy year, full of nice knitting, fun projects, lots of creativity!
And I do hope that you have spent a good time around Christmas.
At Christmas Eve I got the inspiration to make a new shawl!  It was very good in many ways; as I often dream about making a shawl to present.  On the other hand it was not the best of days to get a new knitting-idea!  I had to wait to get started until the next day; and I can tell you that the needles went at high speed:)
                                   Some of the great advantages about this shawl:
                               -  The border was worked first, then the pattern over the mid-stiches,
                                  meaning NO picking up of stiches for the edge in the end!
                               -  The shawl has all the advantages of a triangular shawl and is even easier to
                                  wear due to the straight bottom.  Not so much fabric to tuck away under coats!
                               -  I was amazed to see how fast the work was growing!  Think that it is probably due
                                   to the fact that colors are changed; it makes you want to see more and more...
                               -  The femininity!  That's what I always look for in a pattern; a feminine touch! 

Born in Amsterdam

My Cloudy Bay cardigan was born in Amsterdam!  I had the wonderful opportunity to go to this beautiful and special city earlier this autumn.  And I cannot go anywhere without finding a LYS to visit!
To my surprise there seemed to be several yarnstores in the center of Amsterdam, and as time was limited I had to pick one out: de Afstap at Oude Leliestraat 12, close to Anne Franks House, and situated amongst channels and lovely houses.  It was certainly worth a visit!  Very well presented wool and a very nice person working in the shop.
My eyes fell on the Fine Tweed from Rowan: fantastic shades of blue made my heart beat faster.
Oooh - I would really love to come back one day:)
Here is how the Cloudy Bay turned out:
As often when I make a new design I find inspiration from the nature close-by.  "Cloudy Bay" is the closest beach from my home; I walk here as often as possible.  Colors of the sea and sky never cease to appeal and intrigue; with its constant change of shades.....
The Cloudy Bay cardigan offers very basic knitting with a great fit.  The body is worked in one piece to underarms, from where it is split and worked in seperate pieces.  Sleeves are worked in the round - sleeve-cap back and forth.  Sleeves are set in and stiches are picked up for edging and shawl-collar.
I LOVE the invention of short-row shaping!  In this particular case it gives the oppertunity to shape the collar.
If you haven't tried the short-row shaping I can really reccomend it!  In my instructions I explain very clearly how to work them, and it is not difficult in any way. 
Last week visiting the lovely knitting-group taking place at Garnhörnan (Worth a visit, too!  Mona is always eager to help, and very good at knitting!) in Vellinge.  We came to talk about short-rows.  Some of the girls had encountered problems working it - finding that the shaping made a big bump in the knitting. 
It should not be that way!  There are many methods working the short-rows; some giving excellent and invisible results.  And you have all the advantages of shaping a garment.  Give it a try!

Hoya Bella

I didn't have to look far to find inspiration for this pattern.  The autumn forest is full of beautiful leaves, in all shapes and colors possible.  I think autumn is the season of the year when leaves are most remarkable - not only for the fabulous coloring - more for the fact that they are EVERYWHERE!  Still in the trees, on the ground, in the air, on the car/the shoes/the dog.....  In a month or two they will all be covered by snow - isn't it just fascinating?
I used the leaves-pattern to work matching gloves and a cowl - beautiful accesoires to match your autumn-outfit.
The Hoya Bella fingerless gloves are so elegant!
 I loved working these gloves!  They fall into the category REWARDING KNITTING.  In a few words they are:
a really FAST KNIT, true EYE-CATCHERS, something to be REALLY PROUD of having made!
The Hoya Bella cowl is both Beautiful and versatile.  It makes a gorgeous set together with the fingerless gloves - but could ofcourse be worn all by itself.  The leave-pattern is that kind of pattern that look intricate.  In fact it is a very rewarding and easy-to-memorize pattern.  You could work it in the same wool as the gloves to make an elegant cowl - or choose thicker wool to change the expression of the cowl. 
The cowl as well as the gloves are made in-the-round, with no wrong-side rounds.
You will find the patterns for the Hoya Bella gloves and cowl in my Ravelry Store.  I give the pattern for free for a limited time; maybe until the first heavy snowfall here in southern Sweden, or until I have a new free pattern to present.  Please enjoy!

Am I a lazy blogger?

The answer to this question is probably a big YES!  If I blogged more I would knit less - so this is more or less the way it's going to be!  I knit every day, but I do not even think about blogging every day..... 
Today two great things happened at the same time: the grey morning sky split up and opened up for the most glorious autumn sun exactly at the same instant that my very busy daughter had time to spend on her mother!  We went off to a favourite place nearby to take some shots of my new design; the Paniculatasweater:
The Beautiful, gorgeously soft Alpaca DK from Artesana Yarns lends itself excellently to rich Cables!
And since I am a lazy blogger I have to add a photo of The Pineforest Booties made ages ago:

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