Más o Menos - More or Less

I visited Copenhagen with one of my sisters at Christmas-time.  Our steps automatically leads to a wonderful yarn store named "Sommerfuglen" (the butterfly).  It's a tiny store with an amazing range of wool - and I promise you, it is VERY difficult to visit Copenhagen without going there!
At this particular visit I bought some beautiful Ice blue Silk Mohair from Isager Strik.  With no particular idea of what it would turn into.  After some pullover sketching I switched completely over to an idea of a lace-shawl.  And off I went, playing around with 3 different patterns built up around the same amount of stitches.  And half-way through I realized that the patterns would be even more visible if working it using contrasting colors.
One Beautiful shawl made me the work of making a second one; I just HAD to see how it turned out:
You can see how different it looks from the ice blue version:
One is subtle, feminine, graceful - the other bold, vivid, colorful.
Más o menos could be worked to match your personal taste!  Fun to work, great to wear:)


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