Rosa Mundi is one of my favorite roses; a very old Gallica rose in vibrant colors - always achieving lots of attention due to the variegated crimson coloring.  Each flower is unique - just like us:)  Still I Think that we have lots of things in common; one of them being the desire to glow a bit during all those grey winter-months!  Not always easy when you want to combine a feminine and romantic touch with something soft and warm.
My Rosamundi ensemble could be the answer!
The Rosamundi 2-piece set consist of a lovely, soft camisole featuring a soft waistline and a deep scoopneck.
Flattering and feminine!
The lace-top has just enough see-through to be a tiny bit seductive, without revealing too much.
Wear it over the matching camisole, a nice top, a dress....
The Kid Silk from Austermann is feather-light and soft to next to the skin.
I enjoyed so much working this set!  It fitted my knitting-personality very well: I could work on the tank in front of the television or travelling, wheras the lace-pullover needed more concentration.
And now when the pieces are finished I look forward to going out one evening showing them off:)


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