First test-knit!

Some of my friends at Ravelry finally convinced me to put up a test-knit!
I see all the conveniences - of course!  It's great to have a patterned scrutinized and tested in several sizes before "going live".
Somehow I still have needed LOTS of time before entering this new adventure.  Most of all due to my impatience - I suppose.  I have felt: when a pattern is ready - pictures taken -  (and me being on to new projects) - I haven't had the time to WAIT!  My daughter is laughing at me:)
Here's the cardigan that finally was chosen for a perfect test!  The pattern comes in 9 sizes - and I have 5 experienced knitters from all-over to test it for me!
Deadline is set to the 10th of October.  The test could be found here:                             


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