Born in Amsterdam

My Cloudy Bay cardigan was born in Amsterdam!  I had the wonderful opportunity to go to this beautiful and special city earlier this autumn.  And I cannot go anywhere without finding a LYS to visit!
To my surprise there seemed to be several yarnstores in the center of Amsterdam, and as time was limited I had to pick one out: de Afstap at Oude Leliestraat 12, close to Anne Franks House, and situated amongst channels and lovely houses.  It was certainly worth a visit!  Very well presented wool and a very nice person working in the shop.
My eyes fell on the Fine Tweed from Rowan: fantastic shades of blue made my heart beat faster.
Oooh - I would really love to come back one day:)
Here is how the Cloudy Bay turned out:
As often when I make a new design I find inspiration from the nature close-by.  "Cloudy Bay" is the closest beach from my home; I walk here as often as possible.  Colors of the sea and sky never cease to appeal and intrigue; with its constant change of shades.....
The Cloudy Bay cardigan offers very basic knitting with a great fit.  The body is worked in one piece to underarms, from where it is split and worked in seperate pieces.  Sleeves are worked in the round - sleeve-cap back and forth.  Sleeves are set in and stiches are picked up for edging and shawl-collar.
I LOVE the invention of short-row shaping!  In this particular case it gives the oppertunity to shape the collar.
If you haven't tried the short-row shaping I can really reccomend it!  In my instructions I explain very clearly how to work them, and it is not difficult in any way. 
Last week visiting the lovely knitting-group taking place at Garnhörnan (Worth a visit, too!  Mona is always eager to help, and very good at knitting!) in Vellinge.  We came to talk about short-rows.  Some of the girls had encountered problems working it - finding that the shaping made a big bump in the knitting. 
It should not be that way!  There are many methods working the short-rows; some giving excellent and invisible results.  And you have all the advantages of shaping a garment.  Give it a try!

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