Flirt - A summer top

This is the first time ever that I have worked with a pure linen.
I was a Little sceptical to start with, thinking that this would be so painful for my hands and fingers.
After half a skein I found myself planning new garments and a shawl working this beautiful material!
The linen, "Kalinka" comes from the Swedish brand, Karin Öberg.  Take a look at the color-card!  Divine:))
This tunic has an unusual (and very flattering) Construction:
Back and front are worked side-ways, which means that the lace sections are integrated in the knitting.  There are short-rows along the way to shape the curved A-line.  Shoulders are seamed, and sleeves are worked in the round or flat (instructions are given for both ways, just pick your favorite method).  Very little finishing work: only a couple of straight seams.
Today we have the first day when I can feel that the summer might be around the corner.  It has been SO Cold for such a long time: mittens and stockings have been worn:(.  Now I hope to be wearing my new favorite as much as possible:)


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