Bisoux - kisses! 
I find this design a tiny bit french.  In the meaning of elegancy.  When I pull the Bisoux-sweater over my head I feel a little more sophisticated and elegant than in real life.  You can detect from my pictures my TRUE Lifestyle: boots for rain and sandy beaches, long walks...  Lucky for you I do not put up any photos of my outworn jacket that I have been wearing all winter for beach-walks!
When I was living in France during the 90ties I was a more elegant version of myself!  It came quite naturally; most french women are elegant, and the clothes in the shops were made to match.  Coming back to Scandinavia again I found I couldn't use my wardrobe of dresses and tailored suits, and pretty quick I was back to normal: wearing jeans and sweaters.  Still I dream of those clothes.....
With my Bisoux-pullover I can match the two worlds; my desire of french elegancy and my beloved rain-boots!
The Bisoux top is made of a gorgeous silk/merino blend from BC GARN: Silkbloom Fino.  Great drape and beautiful colors!  I don't like messing up such a nice wool with too much details.  Bisoux is kept simple, but with it's patterned front it gets a Little more interesting than a simple boyfriend pullover.   It is a simple knit as well, made in the round and bottom-up with only k and p stiches to get hold on.  Sleeves are made top-down which is very convenient for deciding the right length.                                                                                                                                                                                      


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