Spring Can Come!!!

What a lovely start to a new year; with a new top that I call Spring Can Come! to present.
The top has been ready for some days - but the New Year celebration and the weather conditions have come in the way for photo-shots.  The pattern-writing also took some time.  Sometimes I feel it takes more time than the actual knitting process.....  I want everything to be correct, from charts to sizing and details for each size.  Sometimes I wish I had a skilful person to co-read the patterns with me....
But as always I have my skilful daughter as a photographer;
We took photos at a small farm used as a summer-house by the sea.  It was freezing cold in the wind, only 4 degrees Celsius - and it made us longing for spring even more....


verdens fineste mammii!

Svar: Og verdens beste datter!;)
Anne B Hanssen

2013-01-10 @ 10:16:21

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