Lacy, Lazy Boyfriend

I was asked by Cecilia of Ilóyarn to make a simple, straight basic pullover for her swedish LYS-customers.
Happily I went along - really pleased to work lots and lots of stochinette st in front of the television!  But somehow it's just not possible for my to do anything straight and basic - i just HAD to do something fun!  In this case I went for some discrete eyelet-ribbing, lace-pattern cuff and neckline.  In my opinion this is all there needs to be to give that little extra to an every-day boyfriendish sweater!
I just love wearing sweaters like this one!  Make me happy any day!


Oh yes,adding some details makes it more intresting and fun,both to knit and look at!

2012-10-19 @ 21:12:53

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