In love with Ilóyarns!

Today I had a great meeting with the importer and representative for the Bolivian, eco-friendly alpacawools called Ilóyarn.  I have made up some designs in this wool already - as I came across of it some months ago in a yarnstore in southern Sweden.  It was more or less love at first sight - and when I started working with the incredibly soft alpaca I became totally addicted!  My Soft Diamonds are made in it, my most recent Buckwheat Blossom Cardigan set is made of it, and below is a photo of my first design in this alpaca; the Teatime Cardi.
You can buy the alpaca from several yarnstores in Sweden, as well as from the internet-store "Garnasinne".
More designs from me are on the needles at the moment....


Hello Anne!
Perhaps I can by some on my X-mas vacation in southern Sweeden?It looks very nice.:-)

2012-10-05 @ 20:36:41
Anne Bjerkreim Hanssen

Excellent idea! I'm sure you will love it!/Anne

2012-10-05 @ 20:43:30

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