It was a relief to wake up this morning with sun gazing through the curtains.  After one full day of rain yesterday and only a few days left of our journey we hoped for some change from damp raindrops and umbrellas.  So we feel rather spoiled today.  Especially since there is a vegetable and flower market every thursday in the town we are staying in!  Apart from that  we have been walking, walking, walking....  so many places to see and to admire here in Provence!  In the afternoon we took some new shots of the "Winter in Provence" -outdoors this time! 

andréa :D

It was lovely weather today!:D

2012-11-01 @ 18:27:54
anne cecilie

Hei. fin blogg!! er dette bildet tatt i Aix en Provence? Jeg bodde jo der for noen år siden med barna. Vi snakkes snart!

Svar: Tusen takk!Ja, bildet er fra Aix; tatt ved delpin-fontenen i en side/paralellgate til Cours Mirebeau.Ble helt betatt av alle de skjönne fontenene!Särlig den med alle de bittesmå bregnene på selve CM.Vi höres!
Anne B Hanssen

2013-02-07 @ 00:34:58

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