Once in a while

Once in a while I wake up at night with a new knitting-idea on my mind!  If I don't sketch it down immediately it will be gone the next morning.  On the other hand, if I sketch down my idea it is not certain that I approve the next day.
This Buckwheat Blossom cardiganset was one of those rare ideas, when sketch an approval made a match.  I found it brilliant even before getting started - and now when everything is in place; the knitting, the instructions, the photos - I must say that I'm really happy that I didn't let my sketch go into the wastebasket!
On Ravelry from today - and here are some more photos for you to enjoy
Photos from the stable:
My new friend, and the nicest boy I've met in days:
We became great frinds - thanks to a handful of carrots.  He's adorable don't you think!?!


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