Cotton Girls!

Time for cotton - for big girls as well as for tiny ones!  Cotton often comes in huge varieties of color - from soft to bright, from earth to ethereal.  Cotton is an understated fibre for knitting; it's cheap and the quality is normally high.   For the big girls I present "Ombre Parfaite" - with pelum and bustline to give plenty of room for rounded shapes, and a tailored waistline to flatter your figure. The cutest top to wear with almost anything!
Today I present the very sweet and girly "Selma Lace Top" to make a great addition to a small girl's summer wardrobe.  Fast, fun and easy to make!  If you make one you might just take advantage of all those lovely colors and make one or several more!
Lot's of girly attributes; lace peplum, ribbed body, eyelets around neck and armholes, henley - neck for easy dressing.  Everything in place to be this summer's favorite!

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