Persian Spring

When we were on the plane from Athens some weeks ago we had the great opportunity to meet a wonderful Persian girl, Bahar, who kept us company to Copenhagen.  She told us lots of things about her native country, about the food, the culture, the life of women.  Her name, Bahar, meaning spring or feather in Persian - isn't it a beautiful, soft and poetic name? 
My newest design is a dedication to her, to spring, to life!
I love the swirl this pullover gives - every step I make I feel like dancing!
Afterwards we detected some true signs of spring:

Latest news!

I have been just TOO busy for a while!  I'm catching up today - with a cold on it's way speed is going down...
Outside sun is shining bright - conditions are not the best for photo-shooting neither indoors nor outdoors.
My Ego Pullover was shot a couple of weeks ago.  One of my Ravelry-friends sent me a nice PM to complement on my GREY pullover, which in fact is a true black!  For you to judge:
The pullover is so cosy to wear this spring!  Sunbeams are there - but they don't give any warmth yet......
A few days later we had a fantastic day at the beach with a photo-team organized by Cecilia, the owner of
Ilóyarn.  We are waiting for the photos taken of Cissi's shawlette, in the meantime these shots will have to do:
My latest design is made of wool from Filatura di Crosa, which I purchased in a very nice yarnstore in Athens.  I was a little carried away - both by the low prices and the beautiful electric blue - and I didn't check the yarn label too closely.  Normally I only work with natural fibres - and this alpaca/wool blend even has 25% nylon mixed in.  Not too happy about that - but you could easily substitute it for a pure fibre:
You find all my patterns in my Ravelry store.  My Feuilles Bleues has been inspired from my beloved beautiful blue and white breakfast china.

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