Suirrel Tree

One of the greatest pleasures about summer is knitting outdoors!
I love having a breeze in my hair, smelling the flowers, hearing the birds while the needles work at more or less high speed. This summer in particular it has been a joy knitting outdoors - in the SHADOW!  In half a lifetime (or a little bit more to be precise:)) I have seen few summers like this in Scandinavia.  For weeks on end we have had the sunniest, warmest weather possible - and it has been a necessity to find shade.  Happily I found the perfect place under a large pine-tree - and I was not the only one to find the place to be perfect.  During my knitting-hours I had the pleasure of sharing some time with a squirrel in the top of the pine.  He was so busy - chewing out kernels and seeds from the pine-cones - making a stock for the coming winter.  From time to time he sent me a glance - I wonder what he was thinking!
I would have loved staying on!  But my top was a fast knit - and I had to move on!
Photos are taken in Malmö later this summer.  Still a little bit hot for wearing my new top - but I look so much forward to wearing this relaxed, comfortable sweater!
Great things about my new design # seamless
                                                       # could be worked top-down OR bottom-up
                                                      # length of sleeves could be adjusted to your liking
                                                     # long lines to give a maximum of flattering lines
                                                    # a Classic, relaxed, comfortable piece that can be worn for ages
                                                   # a fast result
                                                  # no special skills needed
Wishing you all a great last part of summer!


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