A Fresh Start!

First of all: a Happy Year to all of you!  A happy and healthy year, full of nice knitting, fun projects, lots of creativity!
And I do hope that you have spent a good time around Christmas.
At Christmas Eve I got the inspiration to make a new shawl!  It was very good in many ways; as I often dream about making a shawl to present.  On the other hand it was not the best of days to get a new knitting-idea!  I had to wait to get started until the next day; and I can tell you that the needles went at high speed:)
                                   Some of the great advantages about this shawl:
                               -  The border was worked first, then the pattern over the mid-stiches,
                                  meaning NO picking up of stiches for the edge in the end!
                               -  The shawl has all the advantages of a triangular shawl and is even easier to
                                  wear due to the straight bottom.  Not so much fabric to tuck away under coats!
                               -  I was amazed to see how fast the work was growing!  Think that it is probably due
                                   to the fact that colors are changed; it makes you want to see more and more...
                               -  The femininity!  That's what I always look for in a pattern; a feminine touch! 


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