From the genes to design

Where does a new design has its beginning?  I think that many designs are a blend of what's going on unconciously in the brain - memories, flashbacks, impressions from what we see everyday....  In this particular case, with my newest design Helleborus Winter Slipover I think I could trace its beginning almost down to my genes.  Being born in Norway several decades ago is synonymous with the fact that I've been wearing lots and lots of Norwegian-patterned sweaters, gloves, stockings... As well as my ancestors.  In my childhood I always dreamt about having a Christmas-red sweater - to change from all the dark blue, dark grey, dark brown ones....
I had to wait for quit a few years before I proudly could start a new winter wearing one!

Picture of christmas shawl


Christmas-dress - Ha-ha!

What's the matter with me?  I thought that I finally had a great idea for the red Christmas-dress I have dreamt about making.  The wool is the beautiful Ilóyarn in a true Christmas-red.  The idea was sketched (another bad sketching, but I could "read" it myself), the needles just waited for me to get started.  After a couple of inches I felt all inspiration fading away.  I find it hard to explain - but I got the notion that this was not going to work.  Well, there will be other Christmas'es and other ideas - and the really good thing about my failure is that I suddenly (and eventually!) had an idea for a shawl!!!
Pictures will appear tomorrow....

My first cowl!

Honestly, this is the first cowl I've ever knitted!  There are so many beautiful cowls on Ravelry - I guess I've been thinking there are too many nice ones already....  Still I decided to make my own version - a cowl that is both feminine, soft, warm and a bit Scandinavian with its stranded colorwork.  I was lucky to convince one of my daughters friends to model for the pic's - to add another Scandinavian touch!  With her blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair she was just perfect!
After quit a few projects in neutral shades I feel like working in brighter colors!
Christmas is approching - and I've finally started the RED CHRISTMAS-DRESS!

Waiting for the right idea

Since a few weeks ago I am in the possesion of lovely, Christmas-red alpaca-wool from Ilóyarn.  I have decided that I will turn it into a soft, uncomplicated, wearable dress - for Chrismas, and for lighting up any grey and boring day.  I have different ideas on how to proceed - I have just not found the idea yet.  It will come, I'm not worried - but I would like it to come in time for a knit-up before the fesive season!
In the meantime I am working on Blå Blom - a set consisting of a cowl, wrist-warmers, and maybe a hat.  I share a photo of the upstart of the cowl:

Peaceful Island

I've been knitting like mad the last week wanting to release my new cardigan Peaceful Island!  We are so dependent of the weather to take nice photos - and when checking the forecast for this week I saw that thursday would be the only possibility for days to make outdoor shots!  Last night I made the seaming and finishing work and went to bed with a smile!  The smile faded a bit this morning when I woke up to raindrops on my window (this was an understatement - rain was pouring down!
As you can see we were blessed with some nice weather late in the afternoon:
I was so lucky to be able to work the fabulous Aran from Artesano Yarns, and even if I was a bit suspicious beforehand due to the bulky (for me!) wool I was soon convinced that this was a gorgeous blend of wool and alpaca.  The textures came out precisely as I wanted them to, and the feel of the cardi the first time I tried it on is undescribable. Divine is the closest I can get!


It was a relief to wake up this morning with sun gazing through the curtains.  After one full day of rain yesterday and only a few days left of our journey we hoped for some change from damp raindrops and umbrellas.  So we feel rather spoiled today.  Especially since there is a vegetable and flower market every thursday in the town we are staying in!  Apart from that  we have been walking, walking, walking....  so many places to see and to admire here in Provence!  In the afternoon we took some new shots of the "Winter in Provence" -outdoors this time!

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