Here it is - the Cardamom Cardi!
Things went so fast - I brought my knitting in front of the television a couple of evenings - and I was just amazed to see how fast it grew!  I had meant to take some pictures along the way - but somehow the time didn't countfor that.
So - here it is - totally finished!  I'm delighted with the result - I really like the simpleness and the feminine feel of this cardigan.  And my house profits from me being without a project on the go - I have used some (necessary!) hours cleaning, bringing in fresh flowers, tidying away all bits of wool lying around....


The first picture is so cool!
I really like the stripes and everything! you must have a great photographer ;)

Svar: I totally agree -I'm so fortunate to have a wonderful daughter helping me taking all those lovely pic's! Anne:-)
Anne B Hanssen

2012-09-02 @ 20:41:39

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