From the monument to design

Just a few words to present my newest design Along the Shore.  I'm on my way to visit old friends, but I wanted to post some of the beautiful pictures from the shore today.  My daughter is improving her photoskills every day!
Wheather was amazing!
And another one:
The light was exceptional today.  During the night we had a tiny bit of snow and a couple of degrees below zero.  It was a relief to evade the weeks on end with rainy, damp weather (even if it meant less outdoorlife, and more knitting....)  Hopefully we will have frost from now on - I would love more snow!


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This blog is about my lifelong passion for wool, knitting, design, patterns, color, handcraft, fashion. As I am a knittingdesigner I will present my patterns, my inspiration for new designs, and much more in the same field.

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