New cardi on it's way.

You might think that I'm not doing anything but knitting!  At times it really seems that way - but I guess that I'm a fast and determined knitter and things are growing quit fast at the needles once that the idea is established.  And the cardi I am working with at the moment - the one based on the Zebra Ruffel Scarf principle is a very good work in front of the television at night.  Now it sounds that I'm not doing anything but watching television - which I absolutely do.  In summer it can go days, and sometimes weeks between the moments in front of the TV, whereas in winter I watch something for some time almost every night.  I bring my wool and needles no matter what programme - which can be pretty disatreous at times (either for the knitting or for me getting what it's all about...).
Normally I don't make too inrtricate patterns or constructions, that's probably the main reason why the production can be rather fast at times.  I would love to make some really complicated things that I've been bearing on my mind for a long time - but I'm so eager to lance new patterns and I just have to wait for the right moment.
If the knitting is fast, the finishing can take so much more time.  I must admit it is not my favourite part.  In my teens I didn't know at all how to finish a garment - and my pullovers couldn't be scrutinized too closely.  Then I learned a few tricks and seaming was getting easier.  Not more amusing, just easier!! 
Well, the cardigan I'm about to finish in a couple of days is practically without seaming!  If you do not count a couple of inches under each arm you could say that it's completely seamless.  I have had questionmarks about how to make the collar-construction, and today during my running I finally solved it!!  Relief!  I know now that my brain is working amazingly much better when running than in front of the television! - - -
Pictures coming tomorrow -


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