Waiting for the right idea

Since a few weeks ago I am in the possesion of lovely, Christmas-red alpaca-wool from Ilóyarn.  I have decided that I will turn it into a soft, uncomplicated, wearable dress - for Chrismas, and for lighting up any grey and boring day.  I have different ideas on how to proceed - I have just not found the idea yet.  It will come, I'm not worried - but I would like it to come in time for a knit-up before the fesive season!
In the meantime I am working on Blå Blom - a set consisting of a cowl, wrist-warmers, and maybe a hat.  I share a photo of the upstart of the cowl:


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This blog is about my lifelong passion for wool, knitting, design, patterns, color, handcraft, fashion. As I am a knittingdesigner I will present my patterns, my inspiration for new designs, and much more in the same field.

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