Peaceful Island

I've been knitting like mad the last week wanting to release my new cardigan Peaceful Island!  We are so dependent of the weather to take nice photos - and when checking the forecast for this week I saw that thursday would be the only possibility for days to make outdoor shots!  Last night I made the seaming and finishing work and went to bed with a smile!  The smile faded a bit this morning when I woke up to raindrops on my window (this was an understatement - rain was pouring down!
As you can see we were blessed with some nice weather late in the afternoon:
I was so lucky to be able to work the fabulous Aran from Artesano Yarns, and even if I was a bit suspicious beforehand due to the bulky (for me!) wool I was soon convinced that this was a gorgeous blend of wool and alpaca.  The textures came out precisely as I wanted them to, and the feel of the cardi the first time I tried it on is undescribable. Divine is the closest I can get!


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