Christmas-dress - Ha-ha!

What's the matter with me?  I thought that I finally had a great idea for the red Christmas-dress I have dreamt about making.  The wool is the beautiful Ilóyarn in a true Christmas-red.  The idea was sketched (another bad sketching, but I could "read" it myself), the needles just waited for me to get started.  After a couple of inches I felt all inspiration fading away.  I find it hard to explain - but I got the notion that this was not going to work.  Well, there will be other Christmas'es and other ideas - and the really good thing about my failure is that I suddenly (and eventually!) had an idea for a shawl!!!
Pictures will appear tomorrow....


Hihi. Åh som jeg savner deg når jeg leser dette! crazy mom<3

Svar: Savner deg også! Hvordan skal det gå når du flytter hjemmefra, egentlig!?Vi ses i morgen/nuss:)
Anne B Hanssen

2012-11-24 @ 14:24:27

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