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When I start dreaming about making a new blanket for the sofa I know that autumn is just around the corner!  Since a couple of weeks I haven't even been thinking about making anything in cotton or linen; my head is full of cosy, warming and hugging garments and accesoires.
At the moment I have started working some booties for women in the number 1 wool at Ravelry: Cascade 200!  I understand in many ways the immense popularity - the value for money is great and so is the wool.  Never a disturbing knot anywhere (my experience) and a smooth, dryish wool with just the right apperance to make great outdoor pieces.
The booties are a future thing; here is the news of today:
MarieMarie Cross-over cardi, knitted in the gorgeously soft alpaca wool from Ilóyarn.  The color is so vibrant - reminding of the first yellow-colored leaves of the birches.  Autumn gives lots of new inspiration; nature shows off the most beautiful colorcombinations before winter can arrive.
Until the 31st of October the Kalamata Knee Highs can be found in my Ravelry store as a free download.  I'm working out 3 more sizes which will be available in the beginning of November.  So until then; please take the opportunity to download a free, easy and charming pattern:)


Fiiint! :) hva er booties?
du får väre mer aktiv og skrive her!!!ikke bare når du har gjort ting, du får jo skrive om "in the making" også! kan hjelpe deg og fotografere det også såklart:)

2013-09-11 @ 21:11:14

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