Well, I guess I am.....

....just very proud!  I have dreamt about making this winterwhite diamond-laced shawl for such a long time.  Everytime I have made an attempt to do it I have been more than frustrated!  Something simple turned out to be very difficult.  The first diamond-square always went on nicely - then the next ones suddenly had too few stiches to them!  I don't know how many times I have turned my brain - and still I didn't want to give in!!!  I hate to give up - and this time I WANTED TO DO MY SHAWL!  Once it was knitted I got that really proud feeling...  And even more proud when I had added all those small, crocheted flowers which gave the name to my new design: Millefleurs:


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This blog is about my lifelong passion for wool, knitting, design, patterns, color, handcraft, fashion. As I am a knittingdesigner I will present my patterns, my inspiration for new designs, and much more in the same field.

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