Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I felt like the second personality of my knittingdesign came throug in my new pattern "Perfect Shadow".
If you have seen my other designs so far, they are all rather close-fitting, feminine and soft (maybe with one or two exceptions), and Perfect Shadow contrasts with its boxy shape and stronger color.  In the beginning I had doubts, but when the work grew on the needles I came to like it more and more.  I'm quit excited to see what respons it will get out there!
As usual it's my lovely daughter taking pictures.  I admire her for her patience with me wanting her help all the time.  I hope she will tell me clearly if she gets tired of it!  So far we are enjoying long walks together looking for nice places to take pictures.  It makes us discover our surroundings in a different way - we talk, we walk, we laugh and we have a good time together.  Thank you, min sötnos!

andréa :D

Såklart! Kommer alltid stelle opp og fixe bilder, på datan og allt du ber om :D syns det er morsomt når vi er ute på våre turer og foter og allt annet! :D <3

2012-10-01 @ 19:05:50

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