Dancing with Hats!

A very bad thing about knitting is that you sit still for so long!  When I'm in the middle of some exciting knitting-work I'm totally lost for the surroundings. And if you count in my dangerous desire for chocolat (WHO could resist?) I just have to speak myself out of the knittingchair to do something more physical.  Today it's my Zumba-class that manages to draw me away from my cosy, cosy knitting.  And once I go I LOVE it!  Today I'll be dancing with hats on my mind! 
My latest pattern - "Cardamom" (Thank you all for favouriting me at Ravelry!!!) was published yesterday and I let my focus go to something else.  Excercise is a great key to creativity - and even if I don't deliberately make up patterns when running, dancing, sweating away - I know for sure that my creativity is working at full speed.  I have a "collection" of hat in my "top floor" at the moment - 2 of them in the more traditional lane, the third completely different - never seen anything like it, yet!  Can't wait to get started - but well; dancing first!!


Oh, i really look forward to see those hats!!:D

2012-09-02 @ 20:38:28

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