Tres Hermanas

If we go back a long, long way we find some spanish blood in our veines!  It was one of the reasons that I chose the name Tres Hermanas for my newly launched pullover, dedicated to my sisters.  In some way I'm a bit obsessed by spanish language, culture, country. And I find the color I used for this pullover so SPANISH too - deep red, difficult to tell exactly which shade - somewhere between raspberries and granate apples.
I really enjoyed working with this pullover.  The alpaca DK from Artesano was incredible!  The structure of the cables shows off beautifully, the texture is even, smooth, soft and firm in the same time.  I love it!


lovely! I love the colour on you :D you are a great designer!

Nuss fra din datter!

2012-10-13 @ 13:19:13

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