Just a glimpse...

I wanted to show you some of the wool I'm going to work with in the near future....  Earlier this week I met Cecilia from Ilóyarn again - she was happy about the Lacy, Lazy Boyfriend I had made for her, and I was so happy to receive some of her beautiful alpaca!  I had already fallen in love with the red one - I have a Christmas-dress swirling in my head destined for it.
But first things first - the "Birch" shade of Artesanos Aran is going to be turned into a cozy, belted cardigan.  I can't wait to get started!  In the same delivery I also received the shade-cards (thank you, Jenny!) of all the Manos and  Artesano-yarns.
I can barely leave them out of my sight! 
Below the "Birch" shade in Aran from Artesano, in company with the red "Chile" in DK Artesano.
To the right is a skein fo Manos silk-blend.  So beautiful.....


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