I didn't mean this to happen!

This sounds dramatic - but what I mean is that when I first put up my Zebra Ruffle Scarf to Ravelry I had no intentions of putting up such a stream of patterns for the next few months.  I guess it is a bit like the flow of a river - it's instoppable.  I have no idea how to stop, and I don't want to stop!  I feel so lucky to have received positive feedback - but most of all I enjoy every minute of being creative, working with the lovely wool, taking long strolls with my daughter - planning for new projects, new pictures....
Today I had my pair of mittens - the Perfect Couple finsihed.  I loved writing the pattern down - even the chart was fun to make this time!  Here they are:
Ready to wear!  Hopefully they will stay as a couple - we have an awful tendancy of losing one half of a pair.  Maybe the cuffs will make them stay in place.!

andrea :D

Det er så sant så det du skriver! Vi visste jo ikke hvor bra det skulle gå med zebra ruffle :D det gick jo strålende. Og så lenge folk liker at strikke og du har ideér så syns jeg att du skall fortsette. :) du er superduperflink. Nuss fra din datter! :)

Svar: Takk! Jeg kan ikke ha det bedre; jeg får strikke, jeg får väre kreativ og så har jeg verdens beste datter! Nuss:)
Anne B Hanssen

2012-10-22 @ 08:35:29

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