Hidden Star

I wanted to do my Hidden Starjust in time for Christmas.  Maybe I rushed it too fast - as we didn't have any good options for the pictures this time.  Today we have the darkest day in the year - and yesterday wasn't that much better.  I used my old teddy-bear as a model - and when I had this comment on Ravelry (which really gave me a good laugh!) "Cute sweater - creepy baby" I realized that my teddy maybe frightened people off rather than attracted them...... I even realized that what is a cute thing for me doesn't necessarily mean that it is other than creepy to you.  Well - anyhow - I am proud of my sweater - and even more so of my teddy.  Here they are:                                                                                                                     
My teddy has followed me all my life - as my mother won him at the Tivoli in Copenhagen long before I was born!  It is not difficult to detect that I used to drag him around in his ears and his nose - even if I loved him so much I did not treat him too well....
One thing is for certain: this will be my last design for 2012.  I haven't even knitted a stich during the past days!
Now it's time for Christmas!  Happy Christmas to you all! 


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