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Welcome to my blog; the Rowanberrygirl blog.
The name of my blog was close to hand as I am working on a pullover bearing that name at the moment.  We are approching autumn at full speed in my part of the world and the lovely rowanberry-trees are making the forest full of vibrant color.  We have a saying here that if there are many berries on the Rowantree the winter is going to be hard.  So, if that's true we can expect  a winter full of snow and gaily winds.  I'm going to be well prepared with my new sweater!  I'm working with the merinowool "Cascade 220" for the first time.  Having seen the immense popularity of this wool at Ravelry I thought I would give it a go.  I'm so pleased with it!  Smooth, even, "dry", soft in a nice sort of way.  And it behaves very nicely when working the cable-and-knot pattern I create for Rowanberry Girl. The reliefs are really showing off - and it's worth the little extra effort it is to make the cables.
I hope you will come back to my blog seeing the finished result!
When calling myself a "girl" I have to admit straight away that I hardly fit into that category anymore.  It's up to you to judge, but if I tell you I've been knitting since the 60ties I  think you will judge me without a trial. Back then I WAS a girl, knitting clothes for my 5 beloved dolls and my teddybear.  Now I have shifted focus, designing knitwear for people, but somehow the feeling is the same; the ideas that pop up in my head, the immense pleasure of starting up a new project, the mediative knittingprocess (except when everything goes wrong and I have to start all over again...) and the eager pleasure to try out the finished garment in the end.  I just can't stop starting this process over and over again - it's my passion!
The huge advantage (maybe the one and only) to having knitted for decades is the experience.  Come to think of it there is another advantage as well; my brain is full of impressions from so many different fashion-periods - and somehow I think it lies there in the background when I start a new piece of knitting on my needles. 
It seems that I have always been knitting.  Since the very first start with two of my aunts directing me from both sides I got addicted.  I nearly gave it up at the age of twelve when I was knitting a baby-bonnet for my new cousine - and since then I have not been very good at following patterns.  In the teens I had too little money and  couldn't get enough of fashion and new clothes and I started designing my own knitwear.  I didn't of course think of it as designing - it was just a practical way to get new clothing in my taste.


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This blog is about my lifelong passion for wool, knitting, design, patterns, color, handcraft, fashion. As I am a knittingdesigner I will present my patterns, my inspiration for new designs, and much more in the same field.

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