My newest pattern at Ravelry at the time being is the cardigan Stellata.  As I bring my knitting everywhere I brought 5 balls of Rowan's Felted Tweed with me going to Spain for vacation this summer.  At the poolside, gazing sun and enjoying the swimming in luke-warm water, I tried to focus on a cardigan for my northern hemisphere to be worn this autumn. 
The result became a lightweight garment; short sleeves, open front, eyelets edging the frontpanels and sleeve-edgings.  In fact a perfect cardi to be worn all year round in my climate; for cool summerevenings, in autumn and spring as a protection agains chilly winds and in winter as a layering-piece.
When working on it, a lovely English lady came up to me to look at my work.  She showed med her fingers, full of arthrities, and told me with much sorrow in her voice that she used to be a keen knitter.  She was so sad she wasn't able to knit anymore.  I told her that it might be more gentle to her hands if she knitted on circular needles.  I really hope she tries it, and that it would work.  I felt so sorry for her, and immediately thought about myself in a similar situation; WHAT would I do to replace my knitting?  Read more, of course, socialize more, maybe, use my money on more sensible things than wool, wool, wool..  As it is to this day I knit everywhere I go, in trains, in bed, in front of the television, by poolsides....  I enjoy it so immensely, I cannot think of a life without my knitting!
My Stellata wasn't finished in Spain, and sadly you are not allowed to bring your knitting in the aeroplane - well back home I used some spare time to get it all finished.  I wasn't quit sure how good it was until I tried it - it's always a crucial moment .  Then, wearing it for the first few moments I knew immediately that it had turned out beeing a really, really nice wardrobe-piece. The star of the wardrobe at the moment.  I can use it with practically anything; jeans, skirt, dress, long sleeve, no sleeve, belt, brooch, open;.... so many possibilities.  And the best thing; it's really easy knitting!  You can find the pattern at Ravelry.  The beautiful pictures are taken by my daughter, outside a cute flowershop in my local area.


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