Rowanberry Girl pattern

Launched!  The Rowanberry Girl pattern is now out on Ravelry - and I can't wait for the weather to get colder so I can start wearing my new Aran sweater!!  The color is so lovely - a deep, rich and vibrant green with much black to it.  Goes with many things - and especially with jeans that I wear a LOT.  The feeling when having published a new pattern is difficult to describe - I'm nervous for the response (or lack of it) - I'm excited, happy and strangly enough;, a bit sad and empty.  But I know, I'll soon be on the go again with new projects!  I have several on my mind - now I have to choose which one to get started....  More is coming up soon....
Here are amazing photos taken by my sweet daughter: she's not too happy with her "model" - but never mind!
The path in the woods above is part of my everyday-walk with the dogs.  Just lovely to breathe in the fresh or dry leaves, the smell of earth, listening to all those birds....


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