New to Ravelry!

I have been a member at Ravelry since 2010, under the profile name of "Asmaloy" and have been surfing happily around, admiring all the beautiful and fantastic creations I have found there.  Not for a single moment I had thought that I would ever publish my own patterns there!  Earlier this year I had a "yarn-day" in Denmark - which means that I run around visiting fabulous yarn-stores in Copenhagen during one day and come back home loaded with new yarn and aching feet.  Somewhere I saw a girl wearing a black-and whiite stripy shawl that really inspired me to do a copycat for myself to wear.  I had lots of trouble getting the proportions and design right, and then suddenly the shawl took off in a direction of it's own, not ressembling the Danish shawl anymore, now it was the Zebra Ruffle Shawl!  And I was so happy with the result!  I guess it was a collaboration between brainwork, inspiration, creativity and of course a bit of luck.  Suddenly I wanted to challenge myself by writing down the pattern row by row and then maybe publish it on Ravelry.
The pattern-writing was the easy bit.  I guess I'm just so much better at knitting-related things than complicated computer-stuff...  I didn't have much of a chance when trying to make pdf's, loading it down to Ravelry, starting up an account at Paypal and linking it to my new "shop" .  Lucky me; my adorable daughter is good at everything that I'm bad at (she cannot knit!) and she helped me with all the impossibilities.  And together we went by bicycle to the nearest beach taking nice photos in the wind.  Then, from one second to another, I was launched as a designer at Ravelry!!!  Wow! - I had never expected the respons I had - and how fun it was to receive "hearts", comments and messages!  Worth every struggle.  You can find my Zebra Ruffle Shawl at Ravelry.  The shawl is great fun to knit and fantastic to wear, as you can find so many different ways to wear it. 
(you can find me on raverly ---> here <---)


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